PBL Resources

A rubric illustrating the Gold Standard Project Design Elements

A quick reference for checking projects against Gold Standard Design Elements

A brief article describing the Gold Standard PBL Project Design Elements in more detail.

A case study of the ES401 Capstone Course model mapped to each of the Gold Standard Essential Project Design Elements. This exercise helps put the Gold Standard into a familiar Middlebury-specific context.

A powerpoint used in a workshop giving an overview of PBL, some examples and best practices from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

An overview of the comprehensive PBL curriculum model at Worcester Polytechnic Institute and how it advances Global Learning outcomes.

A more in-depth article providing research context for Gold Standard PBL Essential Design Elements. The High-Quality Project-Based Learning Framework describes PBL in terms of the student experience and is intended to provide educators everywhere with a shared basis for designing and implementing good projects.

A PowerPoint presentation from a CTLR workshop providing a quick glance at PBL and its benefits and application.