Build the Culture

Teachers explicitly and implicitly promote student independence and growth, open-ended inquiry, team spirit, and attention to quality.

A form using a formal scoring process for students to evaluate their team member’s post-project.

“Team Preparation Worksheet” self-assessment re strengths, goals, commitment, etc.

A two-part model for team consultation when faculty are concerned about under-functioning teams.

Another sample self-assessment to prepare students for working in teams.

A form for students to evaluate their own contribution, each team members’ contribution, and the team as a whole. Could be summative, or used mid-project for team check-in.

A form for students to evaluate their own and each team members’ contribution. Could be summative, or used mid-project for team check-in.

Adaptation of Bruce Tuckman’s commonly used Model of Group Development.

A sample of an already completed Team Asset Chart for demonstration.

Teams can match individual assets to team tasks.

Students to inventory their strengths and resources. A helpful tool for team building and to minimize stereotyping. Shows sample for demonstration and a blank form.

Tool for team discussion mid-project

A useful PowerPoint presentation on bias in teams and some tools to minimize its impact on team dynamics and function.

Blank template.

Language ES401 uses when introducing asset mapping tools.

A worksheet, teams can use to assign tasks based on student assets and targeted area for growth.

Key team process items for discussion.

An article describing how making teamwork explicit in Biology lab courses improved collaboration skills and student outcomes.