PBL Outside the Classroom: Conflict Transformation, Half-Credit Classes, and Syllabi

At last Thursday’s PBL Community of Practice meeting, the group discussed intersections of PBL in other learning opportunities. Ashley Laux, director of the CCE, talked about a new grant for conflict transformation initiatives at Middlebury. The grant will enable existing programs to incorporate adaptive responses for conflict resolution and restorative justice through the CCE and elsewhere.

The group also discussed future half credit courses that would foster community connected learning and teamwork skills. This concept could be particularly helpful for Alternative Break trip leaders or PBL Project Assistants. 

Another way to help students be intentional about improving specific skills would be through listing syllabi on course catalogs. Syllabi are an important part of understanding the coursework and are visible on course catalogs at most other colleges. 

These solutions and PBL projects are part of an effort to give Middlebury students the skills they need for after college. The next PBL Community of Practice Meeting will be from 12:15-1:30pm on Friday, April 1st in the Mitchell Green Lounge in McCullough.

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